Monday, June 28, 2010

Finally, A Decent 24-Hour Hang Out Place in Kelapa Gading

A new 24-hour McDonald's venue was just opened several days ago. It is located in the Artha Gading Boulevard area and it also feature McCafe like the one in Kemang Area. It is said that this is the 100th McDonald's branch in Jakarta. The two-storey building is actually quite a nice place to hang out for the night patrols and insomniacs like me as it is one of the few places in Kelapa Gading area where you are allowed to stay until morning. Kudos for the strategic location situated near the highway entrance. I can imagine passerby stopping to grab a quick breakfast at the McStop in the morning.

The smoking area was located in the terrace outside. In the back there is also a playhouse for the children. And on the second floor there are computers with internet connection available for free to the patrons who would like to surf the net. Both floors were complimented by LCD TVs where you can watch the world cup matches with your family and best buds.

Starbucks should open a new 24-hour venue next to it.

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