Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let Me Introduce You to The xx And Make You Fall in Love

The xx, from left to right Oliver Sim, Jamie Smith, Baria Qureshi (former member), and Romy Medley Croft

The xx are a three-piece band from London, England, formed in 2005. Many of you might never heard of them before as they have not broken into the mainstream scene yet (which in some cases is a good thing), but please let me assure you that once you've listened to their music, you'll fall in love with them. That's what happened to me. What I love about their music is that they redefine a genre. Their music is not the kind of music that I have ever heard of before. It's not exactly pop, not electronica, techno, nor dance. If you like Psapp, then you will love The xx. It was said that they recorded the album in a small garage, often at night, which contributed to the sleek, whispery nature of the album. The xx put their own spin to indie pop genre and in result creating one of the most addictive album I have ever heard. Once you put their album into your ipod, you'll find yourself replaying their songs over and over and over again, whether be it in your car on your way somewhere or in the gym.

One reviewer claimed that their music is essentially a make out music for cool kids, with their steely quiet-storm soundscapes and pulsating rates, which is what the three South Londoners in The xx are. They are those kinds of kids since they're all barely 20s. Their music speaks to all of us via tales of love, imparting a sense of longing and nostalgia of something we might have missed. Their music, contrived from smoke ring synths, billowing beats, skeletal basslines, and guitar riffs, are the kind of music that would fit right being blasted from the stereo by stylish boutique or chic upscale lounge. To say the least, The xx is a simple but satisfying album that rewards repeat listens and makes for a brilliant background music.

The xx
Origin London, England
Genre Indie Pop
Years active 2005-present
Label Young Turks

The xx Music Videos

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