Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quiksilver goes batik

Quiksilver, who is famous for its surf-wear, also took part in celebrating the national batik day last month by launching its exclusive line of Quiksilver batik. It was interesting to see how the normally formal batik is mixed and styled in a casual way. One piece that really caught my eyes were the shirt with blue batik prints. I like how contemporary it looks and thanks to a good friend, I got the shirt. Hooray!!! It fits amazingly well and I've been wearing it to the office occasionally ever since.

If you miss this year's Quiksilver Batik Exhibition, don't worry. The exhibitions have become an annual event for Quiksilver and are usually held in Pondok Indah Mall 1, Jakarta and Paris Van Java Mall, Bandung during the national batik month. So be sure to check it out. The ladies of course, have not been forgotten. Roxy also released an exclusive batik collections for women. Both collections are available in adult's sizes as well as kid's. I just can't wait for the next year collections. I'm sure it's gonna be as cool as this year's and you bet your ass I'm gonna grab me some of those.

FYI, do you know that there are many kinds of batik? First, there is the "Pesisir Batik" which is created by several areas on the northern coast of Java and Madura. As a consequence of maritime trading, Pesisir Batik tradition was more open to foreign influence. For example, Pesisir Batik  utilizes Chinese motifs such as clouds, phoenix, also various flora and fauna images.

The second one is "Ekletik Batik" whose motifs and colors are inspired by Polynesian design and art. Ekletik Batik uses materials with modern coloring process. The designs and varieties also follow today's trend. Ekletik Batik has more varieties of prints such as animal, floral, or other objects, however the print itself doesn't have any symbolic meaning and doesn't refer to any region.

The third one is "Modern Batik" which still have strong ties with traditional batik and tend to rely on the rules of the guidelines as traditional craftsmen. This was also seen in the use of colors and shapes that modern designers are using. Modern Batik today still uses the motifs of leaves, flowers, and birds as the red line of theme in each visual.

Lastly, there is the "Le Kawoeng Batik". Kawung itself is a kind of palm tree that has ellipse-shaped fruit named "Kolang Kaling". The ornament consists of four circles in the middle that symbolizes four sources of energy surrounding the center of power. East is the direction of sunrise, the symbol of life essence. North is the direction of mountain, symbol of god's dwelling. West is the direction of sunset, the coming of luck. South is the direction of Zenith, peak of everything. Like a palm tree that can be used from root to leaf, the motif brings hope that the owner is given strength to have a meaningful life.

So, can you guess which type of batik shirt I am wearing in the picture above?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Socialites and their natural habitat

It is often said that man is a social being. Nothing that could be said was truer in that regard at the MORGAN fashion show in DIAGONALE. Glitterati and fashion-stalwarts flocked to one of the most exclusive clubs in Jakarta to party and watch a fashion show featuring 11 socialites  from the group "Haute Lister" as the models. Socialites like Sonia Wibisono, Maya Kusuma, Dian Van Laree, Liza Remi, and others donned the french label and strutted the catwalk in style, bringing their own personalities and siganture into their steps and poses. With queen bee Veruschka Nadja as the host, the ladies definitely ran the place that night and MORGAN infused them with a kind of french sexiness that was simply tres tres chic.

The Queen Bee, Veruschka Nadja

with Ayi Maydina

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ismaya Cafe, Level One - Grand Indonesia

Just like The Goods Dept. and The Goods Cafe in Plaza Indonesia, Level One and Ismaya Cafe is just two places I have to check out every time I visit Grand Indonesia. I just have to sit in the cafe, order a drink, and take a puff of cigarette. What can I do? The place keeps calling out to me.

Curry meat pie with pea mashed potatoes. This one is great. Stuffing is really yummy and moist.

My favorite kind of cupcake: The Red Velvet. Gotta be honest though, this one is not the best one I've ever tasted. I'm tempted to try the Green Tea one next time.
Signature Lychee Soda: The lemongrass really made all the difference. Ice mint tea: Refreshing. Balieys Truffle Ice Cream: Interesting and recommended!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The "Look how edgy I am 'cos I wear eyeliner" party

If you don't know what Lookbook is, get off your lazy ass and google it. Well it's basically a website that will show you how full someone is of him/her self. No, I'm just kidding. It's a website where you can upload pictures of yourself in stylish getups and have people "hype" you so you'll ultimately have lots of fans. 

As an online social networking media specifically targeted to fashion-minded people, Lookbook has gained a huge following and broken out of its niche. Especially in Jakarta, Lookbookers have become some sort of community with supports from local bloggers, designers, and media. 

On 29th of September, Lookbook Jakarta held a Lookbook night in Canteen, Plaza Indonesia. Hosted by inspiring people from Indonesian fashion industry such as Rama Dauhan from Danjyo/Hiyoji and Yoland Handoko from ELLE Indonesia along with 8 local breakthrough designers and a fashion show featuring "non-models", the event was a definite success with lines of people stretching back as far New Zealand Ice Cream counter to see the show. The show was definitely something. It was different... However, I couldn't stay long 'cos I had to scoot off to CLEO's most eligible bachelor awarding party right away. Nevertheless, kudos for Canteen, ELLE Indonesia, and Men's Folio for recognizing and providing the platform for young creative minds and local talents. Without further ado, here are the pictures....

Amril Ardi // Kay Mori // JOSE by Joshua Septhio
 Freddy Richie // Febri Dwi Suseno // DNSR homme by Clarice
Melody Marvelly / / Gracia Stefani / / COCCAYIEN by Tito Van
Marcella Caroline / / Adelle Veronica / / JEDIY by Angela Jessica Hadi
Klaudia Scholastica / / Jesslyn Patricia / /  THE RUE by Sara Sofyan and Safira Lavinia
Jensen Sanjaya / / Stella Julian / / NOONIO by Mutiara Sitompul
Ario Achda / / Yudhie Ramaddhan Soekotjo / / HANDGEMAAKT by Zico Halim
Behind the scenes
The finale
Spotted: Herdi from Men's Folio, Rama Dauhan from Danjyo/Hiyoji, & Vidi Aldiano in the audience

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