Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Socialites and their natural habitat

It is often said that man is a social being. Nothing that could be said was truer in that regard at the MORGAN fashion show in DIAGONALE. Glitterati and fashion-stalwarts flocked to one of the most exclusive clubs in Jakarta to party and watch a fashion show featuring 11 socialites  from the group "Haute Lister" as the models. Socialites like Sonia Wibisono, Maya Kusuma, Dian Van Laree, Liza Remi, and others donned the french label and strutted the catwalk in style, bringing their own personalities and siganture into their steps and poses. With queen bee Veruschka Nadja as the host, the ladies definitely ran the place that night and MORGAN infused them with a kind of french sexiness that was simply tres tres chic.

The Queen Bee, Veruschka Nadja

with Ayi Maydina

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