Monday, December 13, 2010

Social House 2nd Anniversary Party: A Magical Journey to Majestic Middle East

The invitation

On Friday 10th December 2010, for one night only Social House had been transformed into magical land of Middle East for the celebration of its 2nd anniversary party. In conjunction with the Grand Opening of Social House Dubai, Social House Jakarta went all out in bringing the exoticism and mysticism of the majestic Middle East for cosmopolites and glitteratis alike to experience. The place was divided into two areas: the theater and the club in compliance with the evening's program.

The exclusive party spoiled your senses, starting by tickling your taste buds with delightful choices of exotic Middle Eastern food, especially crafted by the executive chef Aldo Volpi, and a special cocktail. The party moved on to feast your eyes as belly dancers seductively sashayed around the room brushing past fashionistas dressed to the nine in Arabic attires. The fashion in harmony with the lavish decors brought the scene to life. Then they took your breath away as James Galea, Australia's #1 magician, performed his tricks in the Social House Theatre. As the night sizzled and frizzled like desert heat, the party climaxed by musing guests' ears to DJ Aaron Ross' toe-spinning inducing beats in the Social House Club.

The signature cocktail of the evening, named Ruby Red Dust

Belly dancers

 The theater with stage upfront

The club

 The f. Vodka bar

The party was like a performance on its own as guests were spotted strutting across the room for the obligatory cheek-kissing between friends and then carefully maneuvering the room as not to bump into frenemies. Highlight of the evening, however, was definitely James Galea's performance as he charmed the audience with his card tricks and wicked sense of humor.  James infused the party with his youthful presence and the much-need laughter, in an otherwise a lackluster event. James Galea's laid back style -performing in tees,  jeans, and sneakers- and his devil-may-care attitude was definitely a nice change from the increasingly theatrical and buttoned-up conventional magicians sprouting up these days. With his effervescent personality, James Galea managed to make cool seems so effortless.

Supporting the event were Dunhill, HSBC, Vodka, Coca-Cola, and Corona. Ismaya Group once again have proven themselves to be the leading hospitality and lifestyle company. Pocketing another a successful event under its belt, signs of the terrible-twos were nowhere to be found, in fact the future of Social House as a fine-dining establishment in Jakarta looks gleaming. Anyone who's anyone were present to celebrate its birthday and many of them would probably agree that it was a pretty memorable night. 

James Galea

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