Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to High School with Morning Glories

Fresh from getting excited about the Charmed comic books that I tweeted about sometime ago and Young Avengers' new season, now from Image Comics, comes the latest creation that piqued my interest too. Along with DC, Marvel and Dark Horse, Image Comics is one of the four largest comic book publishers in America. Its best-known series besides Spawn include two of my favorite graphic novels, Invincible and The Walking Dead (which is in production to be a new AMC TV series). They also publish several books from Top Cow Productions including Witchblade and The Darkness.

The Image Comics' new monthly series that I was talking about is called Morning Glory. The plot is centered around the prestigious and highly mysterious Morning Glory Academy prep school, and its newest crop of recruits. Written by Nick Spencer whose credits also include Existence 2.0, Forgetless, and Shuddertown, it was described as Runaways meets Lost, and like the latter, it’s intended as a long-form mystery. Morning Glory Academy is recruiting extraordinary teens from across the country, but we’re not sure why or what exactly is going on within the halls. 

The ensemble of Morning Glories is key to the series, with the casts of six characters together uncovering secrets of the academy along with the reader. The writer was also quoted to list Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ‘90s horror comedies such as Scream and The Faculty, and, even a little bit of Gossip Girl, as influences along the way.


I am very picky about the stuffs that I read and rarely do I find a graphic novel that is so engrossing  to read that I immerse myself so completely in its world and the whole experience (Y: The Last Man deserves a special mention). Combining elements from my favorite genres (young adults and science fiction), it seems like Morning Glories will be my newest obsession. I really like the artwork a lot and the teaser posters for each character really really make me curious. Released on August 11, the day couldn't come sooner when I can get my hands on the digitally pirated edition :p

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