Monday, August 2, 2010

Xavier Samuel and The Loved Ones

"Who is Xavier Samuel?", you might ask. You might not remember his name, but I bet you'll remember his face... at least if you watched The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Xavier Samuel stole the first 15 minutes of the movie playing Riley Biers, a newborn vampire under the command of the deliciously vicious and conniving Victoria, played by the equally delicious and stunning Bryce Dallas Howard. Even though Xavier was only in the movie for a few scenes playing a bad guy, it was enough to make girls swoon over him.  Dubbed as the new heart-throb, he even managed to steal the spotlight from Robert Pattinson at the movie's premiere. 

Honestly, I found myself more interested in the twisted and dysfunctional relationship between Riley and Victoria rather than Bella's and Edwards campy and cheesy narrative. It also helped that Bryce Dallas Howard perfectly portrayed Victoria in all her subtle menace and vindictiveness. She won me over with her subtle performances, that in my opinion, made her the right replacement for Rachel Lafevre. The chemistry between the two was electric and that translated on and off the screen. Seemed like Xavier made a good friend in Bryce that she let him slept on the couch in her house while he was temporarily homeless during the shooting of the movie.

As Riley Biers in Eclipse

Looking at his resume, It seemed like the Australian actor also has some serious acting chops and preferences for cult and genre movies. This makes me intrigued to follow his career and see more of his works. I hope Eclipse was just a stepping stone for him and he will continue on to be a serious actor. With his good look and talent, I'm sure we can expect more movies featuring him as the lead role in the future. 

With Ashley Greene at the Eclipse Premiere

Looking suave in a tux and a girl in one arm

In the meanwhile, you can watch the trailer of one of his movie below called The Loved Ones. The Loved Ones is a torture-horror movie in the veins of Hostel and The Girl Next Door. Described as a mix between Pretty in Pink and Wolf Creek, it promises to be an instant cult hit. Enjoy!

Can't wait to watch this movie in the horror film festival in my city. I hope this movie makes it in the line-up.

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