Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Freaks & geeks night out

What a fun night last night. All the geeks and freaks in the city were gathering in Plaza Indonesia to witness The Goods Dept. fashion show as a part of Jakarta Men's Fashion Week 2011. The collection was themed Freaks & Geeks and it combined various brands available within The Goods Dept. It was fun to see a different take on men's fashion and it's nice that the fashion world finally catch up to what makes us geeks and freaks so adorable :p

with Rudy Budhianto, Andri Parulian, Alex Kusumapraja, Lia, Philea Adhanti, and Kenneth Prahara
Of course, no fashion show is complete without an after party. The after party in The Goods Dept. was filled with artsy crowd. Circles of media people, fashion industry insiders, designers, budding entrepreneurs are familiar faces spotted in the room. I noticed lots of eye-fucking from one person on one side of the room to another one across the room. Lightning-fast introductions, faux cheek kissing, and name-dropping all are usual practice.

Anyhow, it was a fun night in a stress-free environment and a relief from burgeoning piles of to-do lists at work. Good friends and free booze, what more could a geek ask? I'mma be posting the pix soon.

On a little side note: I've found my lost Snickers bar. Turns out it was in the front zipper pouch of my Jansport postman bag all along. Mistery of A Lost Snickers Bar: Solved!


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