Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I feel a little cuckoo

It's true what they say, working in fashion is tough. Especially when you handle twelve brands at once.

These past couple of days, I just hit that plateau which amplifies my tendency to be inert. Combined with the long commute from home to office, I can't help but feel a little bit off balance. My life revolves around my job. I get up early in the morning for a two-hour commute to work every day and get back to home around 9 o'clock which doesn't leave a lot of time to clear my mind. Hence, cuckoo... 

Probably 1 to 2 free hours every night before I sleep for recreation and that's including dinner and bathing. The vicious cycle repeats itself again the next day. I'm sure many of the young executives and professionals in Jakarta share the same fate with me. If you're out there and reading this post, try leaving me a comment or suggestions on your coping methods. Maybe we could be companies in misery. 

Anyway, don't forget to check out the "mixtape" page. I've uploaded a new playlist for everyone to enjoy. Hope you find my musical taste suits you as well. One of my new resolutions is to listen to more music from outside of U.S., so if you find the playlist a little weird 'cos I threw a korean and a french in the mix, that's the reason. Another resolution would be to wear more local labels or designers clothing, but that should be a discussion in a new post. I guess that's it pour maintenant...

1 comment:

  1. You can try not to go home straight away from work. Maybe you could get yourself a membership in a fitness center near your office and have a little work out after work. Work out and sauna after work could ease some tensions.

    Anyways, why cut down music from US? :P


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