Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meet my new friend, Gisello

Hey y'all, I want you to meet my new friend, Gisello. Isn't he handsome? I got him at SAMBA store in Grand Indonesia for 111,000 IDR. I desperately need a new flip-flop 'cos the strap on my last one just snapped this morning. Well, I've been crushing on that iPANEMA model since I first spotted it anyway, so I bought it. I was torn between the black one and this one, but in the end I chose the blue one because I decided that I need more colors in my life.

Anyway, naming our footwear has been an inside joke since I was in NYLON. It started when we were reading a guy's blog who names his shoes every time he gets a new pair, and when we were stressed, one of the relief efforts was that we would read his blog and copy his actions in comical fashions.

I named the new flip-flop Gisello, because the brand ambassador of iPANEMA is Giselle Bundchen. So he's like the male version of her. However, not long after I met Gisello, I ran into a pair of TED BAKER flip-flop on sale for a price not too far off from Gisello. Suddenly I felt a little buyer's remorse. Damn you Gisello, I'd rather have TED BAKER as my new friend!

Nevertheless, what's done is done and I am trying my best to enjoy my time with Gisello. You know what they say, "Lose a hat, gain a flip-flop" or wait, was that just me?

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