Friday, September 23, 2011

5th World Islamic Economic Forum: Reunion

with Aldo Suchandra, Nita Angelina, Indah Putri Ariani, Tatha Saragih, and Rudy Budhianto
A few years back I was in the committee of the 5th World Islamic Economic Forum. I was recruited as one of the liaisons and got a chance to meet a handful of wonderful people whom I had the pleasure to meet again last night at De Luca, Plaza Senayan. 

It's been almost 3 years since we last met. Most of us were just fresh out of college when we took the job as liaisons. Running around, being slaves to all the delegates that came from the neighboring Moslem nations to attend the forum held by the Mr. President himself. We were just kids back then, now we are conference organizer, lawyer, accountant, PR exec, banker, etc.

My... how time has changed. Last night was a rare opportunity to reminisce all the chaotic days and sleepless nights we had as liaisons for the event. Only when our charges don't need us, then we can sneak off to the special liaison room in hotel Mulia to sleep even for just half an hour. But then, that precious half hour was spent chitchatting with fellow liaisons and taking pictures instead.

It's true when they say that camaraderie is born from shared misery. It was nice to see you again, guys. Keep in touch yaaaaaa :D

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